i-Mate PDAL

Last week i changed my Mobile Phone from NOKIA N-70 (its best phone for me) to i-Mate PDAL Mobile Phone, its nice phone with Windows Mobile 5 as a operation system, and many more features.

i buy it to try anything with this OS like: share data between Desktop Computers and my Mobile Phones and juin to my Home Wifi Network from my mobile, watching Movies (WMV,MPEG and DivX) and listening to Music (MP3,WMA) by my Mobile Phone.



  • 2 MP Camera, veryfast capture and recapture.
  • mini USB as data transfer and charging power.
  • wide screen (2.4″) with 320X240 Pixel.
  • touch screen.
  • Pocket Office Software (Word,Powerpoint,Excel and Outlook).
  • PC Keyboard on the screen.
  • mini USB,BT,Wifi B/G and GPRS as a data connection.
  • many application available on the Internet.
  • support VS.NET software (including Framework.NET Version 1.1 and you can install version 2).
  • small size with big OS (Windows in your Pocket).
  • you can put your documents in your pocket and read it anywhere (mp3,jpeg,doc,ppt,xls and pdf too).
  • browse files in your WiFi Home Network like browse LAN network.



  • the camera is not good quality, and no flash.
  • can’t mute camera shutter sound.
  • the photo not including Jpeg Tag Info.
  • speaker behind the mobile case, thats mean you must move the mobile to listen to the good music sound.
  • the screen is nor clear under the sun (its darker).
  • you can’t find many buttons to make shortcuts.
  • some time phone go outside GSM coverage without any reason.
  • some time you must reset device to empty the memory (its windows!).
  • small internal memory (64MB) with weak CPU (200MHz).


 Finally its good, but maybe in new version of Windows Mobile 6 can you get more options.

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2 Responses to i-Mate PDAL

  1. zuhare Tabet says:

    what about the price ?

    Because sometimes those advantages and disadvantages are good with the price.

  2. Tarek Siala says:

    it’s not cheap sure, the price is:
    Imate PDAL + 1GB external Memory about 900 L.D.