WiFi every where in Tripoli

in last weeks you can find many WiFi HotSpot in tripoli, i mean in centre of tripoli city, many companies made private wifi in there office, and some of this wifi go outside office, and you can find it on the stree.

many wireless network is secure, and you can’t insert wep key, bu some time (not all time) you can find unsecured wireless network and you can log-in without insert any key, and some time you can get internet from this wireless network (some time it’s broadband) without insert proxy settings or IP-Address.

if you want connect take your Portable Computer + WiFi Card, and surf on the street to search any WiFi HotSpot.

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2 Responses to WiFi every where in Tripoli

  1. Misratia says:

    yes, WiFi are getting very popular in Misurata too.

    in the International exhibitions hall they provide free WiFi access

    Great Technology:)

  2. Tarek Siala says:

    yes its great, but some time you can access unsecured WiFi Network, some time you can gt internet access and some time without internet access.

    IT people must secure any WiFi, but this situation is good i think.