i-mate JasJam

its just first look, my father take one and i compare with my Mobile Phone i-mate PDAL, and i descover many deferent between them.

JasJam more power with 400Mhz CPU and Big Screen (samae resolution 320X240 Pixel), the memory is same but i added 1GB to my mobile (best for MP3 Player, if you want DivX Player i think 2GB is better).

the big good point for JasJam is working with 3G (from Libyana Local Company), and contain fron cam to make video call (PDAL not working with 3G), other point JasJam have many buttons on case + QWERTY keyboard, but not have audio jack for headset, you must use USB headset, and have Flash light camera with professional camera application (you can mute camera shoter sound, i can’t sound with my PDAL).

other things its same, expect price:

i-Mate PDAL about 850 Libyan Denar, i-Mate JasJam about 1100 Libyan Denar, and you can find him in El Madar Street (near el madar company) or in Elfateh Tower Mall.

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