I’m working as developer, I’m working with “Visual Studio 6” and some time with “VS2005.Net”, every developer some time need to use 3rd party software solution called ActiveX.

you can find many companies presenting OCX or DLL component to help you, if you visit Component Source on the web you can see many OCX, like solution to take your application to convert document to PDF or to edit Image Files or to Create more beautiful interfaces, and more good ideas and easy solution to you as a software developer.

i hate those 3rd party solution, because late size of my application grow, and i must have licence to install OCX with my application on client PC’s, and some time when client upgrade to another Windows OS, the OCX not working good, and some time Company of OCX closed, and you can’t find new versions or update of it, my friends uses many OCXs in small project, thats late the project working slow, i like to use Microsoft OCX because its coming with Programming Language (VB6,VB.NET), and easy to install and free, and sometime you can find them built-in in windows, and you dont need to install them again.

many time i create small OCX when i need to use collection of controls in many forms in my project, in Bank2000 Core System i made many OCXs to help me, when i make OCX i dont need to write Source Code in all forms i use same code, just write once then use every where in application, you can fix error and update code in one place then all places update automatically.

but some time you can’t do every thing by your self, in this point i must use 3rd party OCX, like:

  • Sheridan OCX component (from Sheridan Software Systems, Inc.): it’s very old OCX component, you can find some version worked on VB3, we use this component to make very simple interface to view data from database, with TreeView, Combo, ListView and GridView, but the big problem with this OCX company closed, because that you can’t find new versions suport WindowsXP or Vista or Support Visual Sudio 2005.NET.
  • Pegasus ImagXpress: with this component you can working with image files as you need, capture from twain drivers (Scanner,webcam or TV input), and save it with many foramts (i think you can save as 40 or more photo formats), and with new versions you can working with FingerPrint, Barcode and OCR picture files.
  • Device Driver OCX: some devices not late you to connect direct, you must use OCX or DLL comping with this devices, i working with PR2 Olivetti Printer/Scanner device, Olivetti POS device and FingerPrint Device.
  • Crystal Report Controls: i’m not working wth it in my personal application, because i use Datareport thats coming with VB6, but in the office my friend use it, its big and must make installation files to client to install many OCX and DLL, but gave good result, but we use old version, i think version 7, now i hear about version 10 or 11.

if you are developer, do you make your own OCX or use 3rd Party OCX?

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