Enterprise Library 6: Developer’s Guide Released

Just in time for the MVP Global Summit, I’m excited to announce the second edition of our guide-primer on the latest Microsoft Enterprise Library. The guide explains the concepts that drove development of the blocks, the kinds of tasks they can accomplish, and how they help you implement many well-known design patterns. And, of course, it explains — by way of code extracts and sample programs — how you can actually use the blocks in your applications.

Keep in mind, the guide focuses on the following application blocks:

− Data Access Application Block

− Exception Handling Application Block

− Transient Fault Handling Application Block

− Logging Application Block

− Semantic Logging Application Block

− Policy Injection Application Block

− Validation Application Block.

Unity Application Block and Unity Interception are covered in a separate sister guide on Dependency Injection with Unity which we released in August.

Both guides illustrate the usage of the application blocks in the context of individual code snippets and the larger reference implementation.

In the words of S. Somasegar, Corporate Vice-President, Microsoft Developer Division, who has written the foreword:

“This guide is an absolute must read for anybody looking to put Enterprise Library into practice. Its clear and pragmatic advice is invaluable.”

Here’s how to get it: E-Book (PDF)


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