WMP 11 and Messenger8 (Beta)

last week i try tow new application from Microsoft:

  1. Windows Media Player 11 (Beta)
  2. Messenger 8 (Beta)

first when i installed i thinking its good software with new idea, and more speed, and more option, but i am not see any new good things.

Windows Media Player 11 (Beta): very very slow, bad interface, no new idea or good options, i think Microsoft Stop Upgrade Media Player from version 9, version 10 and 11 very like version 9, no changes, same bad interface, and going very slowly, i still using MinAmp 5, its very speed and easy to use when i listing to MP3.

Messenger 8 (Beta): very slow too, and not have good options, just one or tow options from Yahoo Messenger, bad interface, slow speed.

now i use Windows Media Player 10 and Messenger 7.5 again.

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