Dont upgrade to Blogger Beta

after i upgrade to blogger Beta i lost many options like:

  • Blog from Windows Writer Live (Beta).
  • Blog from Flickr.
  • post comment to another user in Blogger.

for all that you must thinking when you need upgrade Blogger (Beta) with Google Account, now i can’t send photo from Flickr, and i hate that, but what i can do.
if there any trick to downgrade (unlike Upgrade) from Blogger Beta to Blogger please tell me about it, or i use anuther tricks: open new blogger account and use it to post blog.

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One Response to Dont upgrade to Blogger Beta

  1. A.Adam says:

    yes you need to be aware of this
    but windows live writer works fine for me, of course you need to work around about your feed-ID.
    good luck for you