from ADSL to Dial-Up

this days the subscription of my company in ADSL is stop, and manager not want to recharge it, because thinking the internet not important thing (i work in IT Company).

now i connect to the internet by my Dial-Up Subscription and by 45 kbp speed, its very low (Compare with ADSL 256 Kbp), and i can’t make many things in the same time like Download E-Mails By Outlook, Browser in easy and speed, download MP3, and Chating by Voice, i dont have any solution and i must waiting my company to recharge ADSL account.

i dont know how Manager in IT Company not use the internet, specialy when this manager working in IT Company and working in Development Department (but from libya coming new).
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One Response to from ADSL to Dial-Up

  1. Malek says:

    I can’t believe such a thing ??? U mean your manager does not find anything useful in the internet !!!
    Perhaps you should mentor him to get him acquainted to the bright and useful side of the internet .. But with the way the internet is used locally I don’t blame him .. I suppose he thinks that it is only used as a tool for downloading music, games.. etc and chatting ..
    Go ahead and expose him to the professional way of using the internet … news groups, online training, tech blogs, online magazines , MSDN, .. perhaps he would be convinced that the internet is vital for your type of job .. not to mention it’s importance for an IT company …