Windows Live Writer (Beta) and Blogger (Beta) Account

all this is beta until now, after I use Windows Live Writer I change my blogger to Blogger (Beta) Account, but my Writer not support Beta Account.

but this day (in the night) i find new version from Windows Live Writer (Beta), this version support Blogger (Beta), but you must do small tips to suppoer Blogger Beta First (i do that and not working with me). you can try it and tell me.

now you can blog Off-Line then post when you On-Line, i like that, but you can find more with new plug-ins for Windows Live Writer (Beta).

i dont know why all products is beta, but some products still beta more time, like some services from Google and Flickr, maybe i change my application to Beta too.

what you think when you see Bank Branch Working with Beta application!, or working with shareware application!

maybe i do that, but must be careful with your Bank Account.

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