my english not god, its not bad but still not good, i know that.
to learn english i must go to English School, but that’s need more time, and in this days i’m not have a time, i need more time too.
but i’m not stoping, i try and try to learn english by many types like:
1 – chating in the internet with english people (try text chat).
2 – write mesages to english people and read what other people write, then i wite again.
3 – write in Blogs (like here),i know many people say “what this bad english” but i want try to learn.
4 – read E-Books
5 – listing to music.
and more…

if you find any error in my english please tell me 😉 i want to learn.

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5 Responses to English

  1. Malek says:

    Hi this is an attempt to correct your essay .. Wish you all the luck in learning English .. My advice is to go to the UK for a summer course .. at least 4 to 6 months .. You will be amazed how fast you’d pick the language and become fluent in spoken and written English .. My second edvice is to write your Blogs in Microsoft Word .. which does spelling check then copying and pasting the posts…

    So here we go with my corrections ..
    “My English is not good, it’s not that bad but still not very good. I am very well aware of that fact.
    To learn English I should attend an English School, but that needs time, and these days I do not have enough time. I need more time too.
    However I’ll will not stop trying . I’ll try over and over again to learn English by various means such as:
    1 – Internet Chatting with English-speaking people (as in text chats).
    2 – Writing messages to English-speaking people and reading what others write, then replying
    3 – Writing in Blogs (such as in here). I know a lot of people are saying “what a bad English this is” but I will still thrive to learn.
    4 – Reading E-Books
    5 – Listing to music.
    and more…

    if you find any errors in my English writing please let me know 😉 because I do want learn.”

  2. Malek says:

    Correction ..
    Above a had a typing error
    I meant “advice” not “edvice” in the first paragraph..

  3. Alea's English says:

    Good to see you are trying to improve.

  4. Trabilsia says:

    Tarek, if you need any help with your English please feel free to submit, and welcome to the blogsphere of Libyan Bloggers for we are all one family which support each other when in need.

  5. Tarek Siala says:

    malek: yes its good idea when go to UK to learning english, but as you know thats need time, my work not le me go, thats why i try self training, word is best application to write english (and arabic) messages 😉

    Alea’s English: thanks alea’s.

    Trabilsia: thanks.