Last days I read these words:
“Most good judgment comes from experience.
Most experience comes from bad judgment.”

Yes that’s true, I see that especially in IT Fields, when you learning something in programming and do that perfect you can’t get any experience, you must write a code and testing it many times, and do some new idea in your application, if you don’t do that you can’t create new good application, and you must thinking and thinking to get new idea before anyone.
I see that when I create application to solve normal problem like “Attendance Software”, the PC understand a day = 24 hours, and any person must work between “00:00” and “23:59”, you can calculate how many working hours per day, but when person working from “13:00” in 1st day to “13:00” in 2nd day your formula not working correctly, and you must change your mind to get perfect idea that’s solve this problem.
This problem goes to bigger when you are using “Finger Print Machine”, and persons just press finger in machine, and the application not know is this press for “Log-In” or “Log-Out” state, in this point you must use new idea to make smart application.
And you need experience that’s come from my experience from old work; I try and try to make good work.

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One Response to experience

  1. hissi says:

    You are right.I fully agree with you. the right decision comes after many wrong decisions.