What you can’t do with your Mobile Phone?

In last five years mobile have more tech power, I remember in 2001 when my mobile phone just for talking, today I can do many things with my Mobile Phone, like:

  1. Talking: its main features of any mobile phone, and if you use 3G Mobile Network you can see who is talking, and make video conference.
  2. Messages: with SMS you can send and receive small messages.
  3. Internet: if you subscribe in GPRS/3G you can connect to the internet any time any where just one click (I know its high price but its good solution to know last news and your e-mail anywhere).
  4. Listen to The Radio: many Mobile Phones can receive FM Radio, I know you can’t receive many FM Radio Station in Libya (where i life), but its nice option in your mobile.
  5. Digital Audio Recorder: you can save what you listen, just one click.
  6. Listen to Music: its MP3 Player in your pocket, many Mobile Phones now can play Music in many formats like “MP3, MP4, WAV, AMR, AAC, AAC+ …”
  7. Watch Video Films: you can see small Films in many format like “3GP, RM” and with new many software you can compress your movies from “DVD, AVI, DivX, VCD” to small size to watch it in your Mobile.
  8. Digital Camera: you can take photo anytime anywhere by easily, just see and click button, with 2 or 3 Mega pixel photo resolution and auto-focus and digital zoom, you can get wonderful pictures.
  9. Video Camera: if you can get Fixed Photos you can get movies to, like fixed photos you can get movies any time any where, and if you have space you can save more one hour of private movie in your mobile.
  10. Digital Calendar, Watch and Alarm: in your hand too.
  11. USB Storage: just connect your phone to PC and get USB Hard Disk to save and move your data with you.
  12. Bluetooth: with this technology you can trade Photos, Music, Video Clips and Data to anyone using this technology, just one click.
  13. WiFi: new phones using WiFi (Like Nokia N80 and N91) to connect to the Internet and Wireless Network in your Home.

All this options in your Mobile Phones and More, do you use all this options?
And in near time you can find new options like: Video On-Line, GPS and More.

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3 Responses to What you can’t do with your Mobile Phone?

  1. A.Adam says:

    I use almost every things youu said but Internet connection it’s very expensive, I prefer to avoid it when I can, you forgot to mention besides all of this you can install your own programs like:Dictionaries, E books reader, etc. Mobile games too .

    BTW Happy Eid Tarek.

  2. Trabilsia says:

    A really nice blog. Got your blog through Khadija’s.

    Keep up the good work !

    Here’s wishing you a Happy and Blessed Eid !

  3. Tarek Siala says:

    a.adam: yes i forget installed software, but i use it too, this days you can find many application for your mobile(some time free).

    trabilsia: happy eid, and thanks.