i remember from about 15 or 17 years, when i like play with LEGO, i like it because make me open my mind, and i can boild any object i need, i can made a car, airplane and Homes, any thing i want i can made it.
some time i made to country, and made big military people, and start the war.
some time i made civilization on another planet, i like made space ship like StarWars Movies (i not like Star Trek) i like create big empire.
its very old days, but i like it, when i just dreaming then convert this dream to real, i see it i feel it in my hands.
but its still dream.
now after about 15 years i know its very hard to move dream to real world, but i still dreaming.

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One Response to LEGO

  1. A.Adam says:

    Oops!! have you dreamed or did you made a nuclear weapon??

    just kidding but if you like to create a great empire , I wonder if you have played with Age of Empire (PC games)
    it’s very good just try specially if you are connected to a network you can play it with another network users.